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ISCA: Intercultureel Studie en Carrière Advies

ISCA: Intercultural Study and Career Advice

For those working in other cultures and languages, changing from one country to the next can be quite a challenge. You might be going to the field for the first time; you might be transferring to a new project or different organization or you might be returning home after years abroad. These changes include making difficult decisions. But how does one make good, balanced choices?

How can ISCA help you?

ISCA is specialized in working with people who have made their home in places around the world. But others too are welcome to come for advice. Anyone with questions concerning their work or study program is welcome at ISCA.

In an analytical way we will assess your abilities and aptitudes and the materials offered will help you understand who you are and which job or study opportunities will fit you best, while at the same time taking into account how living abroad and functioning in different languages and cultures has affected you.

Diederika works in Dutch, English or French.

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