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ISCA: Intercultureel Studie en Carrière Advies

What may you expect?

Depending on your needs and concerns we will make 4-5 appointments of three hours each. If you are from abroad we can organize a full week to work with you so that you can finish your Career Guidance within that week and travel on to wherever you live and work.

A psychological assessment will be made of you using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). We will also make your unique Motivational Profile. This includes making an overview of your Motivational Abilities, Subjects, Work Environment, preferred Work Relationships and your Central Thrust.

With what we learn we will be able to very specifically look at the way you are functioning in your work.

What kind of work fits you best and why? In what kind of position would you be at your best? Do you need to make any changes? Can you make better choices for your future? And what does your organization need to know about you to make the most of your talents and capacities?

But also: how has changing culture and country influenced your choices and the way you function within your (mission) organization?

We will do our best to help YOU find answers to these kinds of questions so that YOU can learn to make good, balanced choices for your future.

Please feel free to contact us. A first short session is free of charge and gives us time to assess your situation.

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