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Motivation Analysis

Motivation Analysis is a technique that identifies a person’s strengths and vocationally-significant motivations, providing an inventory of that individual’s unique gifts. This system involves recollection of a number of things the individual enjoyed doing and believes were done well. Analysis of these achievements reveals a recurring pattern that emerges in early years and stays constant throughout life. Understanding a person’s motivational pattern is, therefore, foundational to employment that is both highly productive to the organization and richly satisfying to the individual.

YOUR PERSONAL MOTIVATIONAL PROFILE (PMP) is comprised of the following sections:

  • CENTRAL MOTIVATIONAL THRUST — the purpose for your activities, the source of your satisfaction, and the result that gives your work meaning
  • ABILITIES — the specific abilities you are motivated to use
  • RECURRING SUBJECT MATTER — the content with which or through which you are motivated to work
  • RECURRING CIRCUMSTANCES — the environment in which you want to operate
  • RELATIONSHIP — the manner in which you relate to other people
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