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ISCA: Intercultureel Studie en Carrière Advies

High Schools

ISCA’S student seminars focus on helping young people make good, intentional choices for their futures.

We make some of the most important choices of our lives during our young years without realizing it. These choices will for a part influence the rest of our lives. ISCA helps students and young adults prepare for these choices.

For young people living overseas with their parents the future is even more challenging. They will be returning to their “home” countries after years on the field. How can they be better prepared?

To help prepare for future choices the student needs several things:

  • To understand his/her talents and gifting
  • To understand his/her interests
  • To understand the world of work and what jobs look like
  • To understand his/her learning preference to prepare for studying

After the seminar students will be able to:

  • understand their Personality Type (using the MBTI)
  • define the direction they will need to follow understanding their Interest Code
  • apply this to everyday jobs having learned to navigate several job search resources on the internet
  • understand their learning style (using Kolb and Barsch)

ISCA offers a two day seminar. The group is never larger than 12 students to allow for good interaction between the participants and personal attention individually. If parents wish to hear a summary of the findings of the tests administered, time can be added to meet with the parent and the student separately. Age: 16-24

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